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Down Time!

As a student at the University of South Alabama, there are so many things to do outside of class. When I am done with classes I have healthy balance of studying and relaxing. I would spend time reviewing material that I've learned, but most importantly I  take a break from school and spend time doing the things I enjoy. Going to sporting events, the rec center, and sleeping are some of the most common activities. There has not been a week without sporting events happening involving South. I enjoy cheering on my fellows Jags as they compete at a high level. If I am not able to make a game, I enjoy going to the rec center. At the rec center there are multiple things to do, playing ping pong being one of my favorites. Most importantly, when I am not in class I enjoy sleeping. After a long stressful day, returning home and taking a nap restores all the energy and prepares you for the next day.

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