Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thankful to be a Jag

The aspect of being a student at the University of South Alabama that I am most grateful for is the fact  that all home games are free. No matter the sport, South allows every student to attend the event by just showing our JagCards. I am most grateful for this aspect of South because I am a huge sports fan and I enjoy and take full advantage of the opportunity to cheer on my fellow Jags. With South being a Division 1 program, this luxury is not taken lightly. Other Division 1 programs only allow their students to attend certain events and of those events they are allowed to attend they must purchase the tickets. Over the past year I have attended almost every basketball, football, baseball, softball, and volleyball home game for absolutely FREE. Having the opportunity to watch great, competitive games for the price of nothing is an opportunity I just cant pass up.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Launch Team

As a student of the University of South Alabama, the student organization that I admire the most would have to the USA Launch Society. The Launch Society works on high powered rockets as part of the University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) Competition.

The reason I admire the Launch Society is because they built a 5ft rocket that launches and reaches apogee at about 1 mile high. That is roughly a vertical altitude of 5,280 feet high. The members are mostly seniors that work diligently to determine different factors that will produce a better launch. This past year the Launch Society qualified to compete in a NASA launch competition. In order to compete, they compiled an article over 50 pages long for NASA explaining their rocket dimension, safety protocols, and motor size. Although they didn't win at the NASA Launch, South's Launch Society placed in multiple events giving recognition to their hard work.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Preparation is Key!

As a high school senior there are multiple things students should be doing in preparation for college. It is important that all high school seniors start building healthy habits to become more responsible individuals. Starting now, seniors should practice better time management, better spending habits, and develops stronger study skills.

A students first year in college is one of the most drastic changes in their entire life. Being away from parents could potentially make or break you. As a college student you wont have someone on you about completing homework or attending class, that choice is solely up to the student. With the freedom you have to determine when to complete homework, or in other cases, when not to go hang with friends. Seniors should also develop stronger study habits. When developing those habit, you should not only memorize a specific problem or how to do it, but instead understand the concept and why it is done. All of these keys for preparation for college will make you a better high school senior, and more importantly an all-around better person. 

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