Thursday, December 7, 2017

Getting Involved

The beginning of freshman year I knew it was critical for me to get involved on campus. To enjoy college and to get the full experience I understood that getting out and meeting knew people could make school so much better. Instead of sitting in my room all day after class, I was persistent in leaving the room and finding new things to do. The first way i got involved on campus was with intramural sports. I learned about intramural sports while attending the rec center; joining was simple and the organization has something for everyone. A more academic aspect of campus involvement simply came from attending class. Based upon your interest, teachers and other students highly recommend and ask you to join organizations that they are apart of. An example of an organization I am a member of is SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). Being an engineering major, this organization allows me to get more real world experience and apply concepts that are being taught in class. At South there are tons or ways to get involved, no matter your interest, there are tons organization you can be apart of.

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