Thursday, February 8, 2018

Favorite course this semester: EG 283

For the spring 2018 semester I am taking 5 courses with one being paired with a lab. As a sophomore I am taking calculus 3, calculus based physics 2 paired with lab, linear algebra, american literature, and engineering statics. Of these five classes, engineering statics if my favorite for many reason. As a mechanical engineering major, statics is my favorite course because it is directly related to my desired field. My professor present real world problems that we may have to solve in the future. He also brings in problems that he is currently working on at the moment that we solve together. Another reason this is my favorite course is because like most problems, there are multiple ways to solve it. So the reason EG 283 is my favorite course is because of the material it covers, the professor that teaches it, and the overall message it teaches.

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